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More Birds Than Bullets

School Boy - Birdwatcher - Soldier - Counsellor

My Life With Birds


Geoffrey McMullan BEM, MSc

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Have you ever wondered, what it would be like to

combine your interests with your career?

Serving with the British Army allowed me to combine my career with my innate passion for birds. The stories in my book are based on my experiences; with birds, people, and the places I have been to. Both in and out of the British Army. I also talk about when I first became aware of birds and in the last chapter, I share about my transition from civvie street into the army and back into civvy street and the importance of being connected with birds and nature. More Birds Than Bullets is not just as the title suggests, there is more to it than that, it can be seen as a metaphor for life’s experiences. I hope you find the book amusing, unbelievable and maybe even shocking.

"I am still reading this fascinating book, I remember as a boy, dreading the day that I would have to serve in the forces. Conscription was still in play when I was a boy, (I was a very small skinny child) happily they cancelled this before I was old enough. Reading this book gave me a very different view,on service in the Army.  A great read for anyone interested in wildlife, & also adventure in some unusual places. Most of us are familiar with the names of places, this book will take you to some of them, & you will feel that you are there too!."
Brian Wales
28th April 2020
I enjoyed every page in Geoffrey's lovely book. I have been birding for many years and I still learnt so much from reading it. I had no idea that a Blackbird's alarm call varied according to the the threat for example. I walk around my local fields daily but now I'll be looking for some "sit-spots".

Thank you, Geoffrey, for sharing your life's experiences.

Bob Foskett
27th April 2020
In Japan we bagged 17 Okinawan Woodpeckers within 24 hours
Out of the so called 20-200 remaining birds on the island we saw fifteen individual birds and heard two, one was calling and the other drumming...
Here are some stories from my book
Needle in the Haystack
As we ventured into the wood-lands on the Czechoslovakian side of the Tatra mountains, we soon realised the wood was extremely boggy, forcing us to walk along fallen trees... just before the batteries died, we saw IT, our first...
Brazil: Napoleon was killed
“The owners of the lodge had three dogs called Lucky, Thor and Princesa. They also had a parrot called Carlota, every now and then she could be heard repeatedly saying the words "Macaco, Macaco, Macaco" which means Monkey in Portuguese; the owner said that she lost her partner Napoleon, when they were attacked by monkeys, Napoleon was killed and eaten by them,”
We upset the Hunters
I ordered my men to open fire, pigeons, rabbits, pheasants and foxes disappeared in all directions. The Germans Hunters, were still shaking their fists, shouting and swearing at us, as we set off down the track to our vehicles.
All in all, I think it was a good day.
Cranes at the Zachariasse in Germany

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