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This is an extract of the foreword by

Mark Cocker

Author of Birds and People

Brought up in a land of sectarian conflict and for the first half of his working life a soldier in the British Army, Geoffrey McMullan is, I suppose, your average warrior. As he himself loves to tell us, he is six foot four and built like the proverbial shithouse door. But Geoffrey has a softer side as well as a secret inner life that he exposes among all the rambunctious, globe-trotting adventure of this humour-filled memoir. He is one for the birds.

Give him a Heart-spotted Woodpecker, it seems, and this great big bear of a man is moved to his soul. Birds? I hear one or two readers ask. Isn't that a bit, well, cissy? What can be so moving or special about birds?

The truth is that Geoffrey's passion is both ancient and universal...

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My Travel Tips

Chapter 1        Woodpeckers

Chapter 2        Owls

Chapter 3        Bird Language

Chapter 4        More Birds Than Bullets

Chapter 5        Bandit Country vs Falklands

Chapter 6        Extreme Birding

Chapter 7        Zachariassee

Chapter 8        The Americas

Chapter 9        My Transition

Illustrations by Geoffrey McMullan

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